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Marbella House for Buy: Discover New Build


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Marbella House for Buy: Discover New Build

Known for its sun-soaked beaches, hot weather, breathtaking natural landscapes, exciting attractions, and mouth-watering food, the Costa del Sol ticks all your holiday lists. The city is the second largest on this golden stretch of coastline and one of the most popular destinations to buy a house. It is divided into various sections and has something to suit the entire family. Learn how to invest in a Marbella House today whatever your passion is, whether you want to move to Marbella for water sports, wine tasting, or retail therapy.

Where is Marbella?

There are two provinces in southern Spain: Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia and Marbella in the west. Málaga is part of the Costa del Sol and is home to the Association of Municipalities of the region and the headquarters of the district that bears its name. Several highways crossing several coastline connect the municipality with the Strait of Gibraltar, which is at the southern end of the Sierra Blanca mountains. The city occupies 117 square kilometers (45 square miles) and is divided into seven districts.

How to choose The best place to Buy Marbella House

You need to make a list of your needs and wishes in order to start your search. You probably know roughly what you want your dream house to look like – at least three bedrooms, a nice view – but you also need to be specific and think about the practical elements. The list of these things is helpful not only when you begin house hunting, but also when you narrow down your list later on. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Within 10 minutes of walking, I want to reach the beach.
  • My kids need a place to meet with their friends nearby.
  • My desire is to see the hills from an expansive vantage point.
  • I need to be able to get there within half an hour’s drive from Málaga airport.
  • It would be great if each bedroom had an en suite bathroom.
  • My goal is to be able to reach a golf course easily.
  • The neighborhood should have plenty of bars and restaurants for me to attend.

For choosing a home, make a list of at least ten points that are important to you. Additionally, ask yourself what you need and want to do frequently.

The Best place to buy Marbella House

marbella house

Although demand for Marbella houses has increased in all areas, most buyers are able to find a property within their budget and in a location suitable to them. Listed below are some of the most popular suburbs in Marbella.

San Pedro Alcantara

As a result of the extensive number of activities in this thriving resort for all ages and interests, families moving to Spain love it. Also, a lot of new construction has been taking place in the area and San Pedro Alcantara property is now in high demand, both for rentals and sales. According to statistics, San Pedro Pueblo and Guadalmina Alta have the lowest average property prices at €350,000 and €1 million, respectively. San Pedro Pueblo is home to the most expensive homes at approximately €1.4 million.

Puerto Banus

Are you looking for a luxury stay in Marbella? Head west from downtown Marbella to Puerto Banús, renowned as the Costa del Sol’s playground for the rich and famous. Initially developed in 1970 by local property developer José Banús as a luxury marina and shopping complex, Puerto Banús now offers everything you could desire for a lavish getaway—casinos, golf courses, shopping, and high-end dining.

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When you’re not hitting the golf course or enjoying water sports (or need to recover from a night out), you’ll likely find yourself on the beaches of Puerto Banús. That’s right—there’s more than one beach to choose from, each offering something unique. Indulge at upscale beach clubs on Playa Nueva Andalucia, let the kids play at Playa Puerto Banús (also known as Playa de Levante), or explore the remnants of a Roman villa at Playa del Rio Verde.

Nueva Andalucia

Nueva Andalucia appeals to British retirees looking to retire on the Costa del Sol because of its laid-back vibe instead of the bustle of Puerto Banus. Aside from offering nature, peace, and exclusive gated communities, Nueva Andalucia is popular with foreigners and families looking for reputable local schools and abundant amenities. Property prices in Nueva Andalucia tend to hover around €1.3 million on average, with the lowest prices found in Rodeo Alto-Guadaiza-La Campana and La Dama de Noche-La Alzambra, with prices ranging between €350,000 and €1 million.

Marbella house: Golden Mile

Several luxurious residential developments are located in the Golden Mile, which lies west of Marbella. This privileged area is surrounded by lush greenery and the coast. With direct access to the beach, Golden Mile villas are among the most desirable in the Marbella. In addition to being accomplished politicians and successful business people, the residents of this area have been living in these homes for generations. It is considered the pinnacle of Marbella real estate, with prices starting at approximately €2 million for properties.

Marbella Centro

Favored by singles, professionals, and couples seeking a central location near vibrant nightlife and amenities, Marbella Centro properties typically start at €1.7 million. In contrast, Marbella Pueblo and Elviria-Cabopino offer the most affordable options in Marbella, with average prices of €960,000 and €1.2 million, respectively.

La Zagaleta

Just a 10-minute drive from Marbella, this exclusive and luxurious resort features some of Europe’s most breathtaking properties. La Zagaleta provides private security throughout, guaranteeing residents’ privacy and anonymity. It’s a sanctuary for the super-rich and famous, with rumored residents like Hugh Grant, Rod Stewart, and Vladimir Putin drawn by its high confidentiality. The average property price is €6.5 million, with some ready-to-move-in homes selling for up to €50 million.

Last words

Marbella House stands out for its spaciousness, high-quality construction and materials, distinctive features, prime location, and top-tier amenities. These elements collectively capture the essence of properties in this stunning region of Spain. At the GR8 Real Estate (Marbella Real Estate), we’re prepared to offer you the most comprehensive property files in Marbella and across Spain. Just give us a call, and our team will assist you.