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Marbella Real Estate; Investment in Exclusive Properties


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Marbella Real Estate; Investment in Exclusive Properties

For those who are looking for exclusive properties, in the heart of a gateway to paradise, Marbella real estate must be wonderful by choice. This coastal region is an ultimate destination for many investors who want to touch, luxurious and elite, filled with vibrant locations. Are you ready to learn more about properties for sale in Marbella? 

Where is Marbella located?

Located on the southern coastline of Spain, Marbella, belonging to Malaga Province, is one of the most attractive regions in Spain. Each year, Marbella hosts thousands of tourists, for having significant historical backgrounds and mesmerizing sightseeing. Marbella is 117 square kilometers and has a population of +150k.

About its climate

In general, Marbella has hot and dry summers, mild fall and spring, and pleasant winters

  • In summer, its glorious heat invites everyone to spend time on the beach. 
  • Milder weather in spring and fall makes Marbella a great choice to go sightseeing in the city.
  • In winter, you may expect occasional rains so taking an umbrella is suggested. 

Why Marbella real estate?

Deep in culture, you can’t get enough of its vibrant neighborhoods. Considering all these features, Marbella has turned into an investment and tourist destination in recent years, combining comfort and modernism with magnificent architecture. Buying property in Marbella won’t be regretful, as its natural beauty plus its investment potential will definitely guarantee your purchase. 

marbella real estate
marbella real estate

Regardless of your desire, Marbella has something to offer to everyone seeking a luxurious lifestyle in a stunning Mediterranean paradise whether you want a permanent residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, etc.

Strategic Location

Marbella offers easy access to different locations in Spain, as well as strategic connections with other European countries that have a border with the Mediterranean Sea. Within an hour of driving, you’ll be in Malaga, and within a couple of hours of flying, major European cities are accessible. 

Diverse Property Options

Looking for a villa? Apartment? A studio flat? Or hesitating between dramatic architectures and simple exterior designs. All of these property options can be found in Marbella, featuring a coastal environment

Excellent Quality of Life

Not only excellent lifestyles but also excellent quality of life is something easily attainable in Marbella. This city offers quality healthcare facilities, top international schools, and a safe and secure environment. 

Pleasant climate

Marbella’s Sunshine is famous, where you can make the most of its summers, enjoy pleasant springs and falls, and never see a more beautiful shower in winter, anywhere in the world. 

Breathtaking nature

Sierra Blanca mountains, coastal paths, golden beaches, it’s like a hidden paradise waiting for you to spend your life! This is the final destination for everyone who is trying to get rid of boring city lifestyles. 

Rich Cultural and Historical background

Marbella is a charming old town in Spain, holding deep and rich cultural and historical backgrounds. 

  • Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación.
  • Murallas del Castillo (Las)
  • Capilla de San Juan de Dios.

These are the most attractive historical areas you should visit to understand this depth better. 

Do I get a visa or residence permit from Marbella Real Estate Investment? 

Marbella real estate investment can be a great option for those who are looking for Spanish residency. Through the Golden Visa program, a minimum investment of €500,000 on Marbella real estate, brings the eligibility to request a residence permit for 1 year. This residence permit allows you to work and live in Spain. Once the first year of residence permit duration is over, you can apply for a 2-year duration next time

 Marbella real estate: Process of buying property in Marbella

Imagine yourself stepping through the door of your Marbella dream home. This is a brief guide to simplify the process of buying property in Marbella, from explaining your needs and taste to holding the keys in your hand.

  1. What are you looking for? Define your needs before referring to any agent
  2. Find your trusted agent: A trusted Marbella real estate acts as your guide. We at Gr8 Real Estate are happy to connect you with experienced agents who can assist you and offer the perfect properties suitable for your taste.
  3. Visit and give feedback! Once you choose the available options, have a visit and give feedback to the agent.
    *Pro-tip that no real estate agency tells you: if you liked the property, don’t forget to consider negotiation for the price. 
  4. Check for title deeds and other documents of the property: Here a lawyer can help you, however, our real estate agency is with you during the whole process and won’t let you sign anything with doubt. 
  5. Ready to sign the contract? Sign the agreement and pay the deposit so that the property is almost yours. Once you sign the final contract and pay the amount you agreed to get the key, your home will welcome you! 

At Gr8 Real Estate we are pleased to smoothen up the process and cover all the legal processes. Your experience matters!

Options to buy property in Marbella

There’s something to suit every taste and budget in Marbella. As mentioned earlier, from studio flats to luxurious beach villas, there are various sizes and types of properties in Marbella. Let’s take a more detailed look at these options.

marbella real estate

Villa for sale in Marbella

  • Private and detached beachfront villas
  • Private and detached mountain villas
  • Mountain villas in the complex
  • Beachfront villas in the complex
  • Charming townhouse villa options
  • Small villas for small families
  • Luxurious and great houses for excluded families

Apartment for sale in Marbella

  • Beachfront apartments in a complex with social amenities
  • Modern apartments 
  • Studio and small flats
  • Apartments close to mountain areas
  • Apartments in the heart of Marbella
  • Luxurious penthouses

Property Features of Marbella Real Estate Spain

First and foremost, the most amazing feature of Marbella real estate options is the fascinating views. Whether you choose a property in the heart of Marbella, or it is a beachfront option, you won’t get enough of the views. Even the mountain apartments and villas in Marbella, don’t have anything less than other ones. 

Facilities are the next most essential feature of any property that people want to buy, and Marbella offers a wide range of social facilities, inside and around the property compounds. Swimming pools, beautiful landscape designs, indoor and outdoor parking lots, barbeque and family gathering areas, wide balconies with open views, etc. are just some of the inside facilities you can find. Easy access to public transportation and social amenities are the other things that make you be more interested in buying property in Marbella. 

Last but not least, the unique architecture of Marbella real estate options are designed to blend indoor and outdoor living, maximizing the glorious sunshine and beachy weather flow in the house. Many properties feature open floor plans, expansive terraces, and private pools, waiting for you to be picked. 

A glance at the cost of living in Marbella

Marbella’s cost of living can be slightly higher than other Spanish cities but ultimately depends on your lifestyle choices. While luxury items like clothes and electronics carry a steeper price tag, affordable options exist. Fortunately, most daily expenses, such as electricity, water, groceries, and even school fees (for public schools), generally align with the national average.

Owning property in Marbella eliminates the significant expense of monthly rent. Additionally, property values in the area tend to rise over time, potentially generating profit if you decide to sell later. This, coupled with the expanding job market fueled by tourism and real estate, presents a strong opportunity to manage your living expenses effectively.

All in all, the beauty of this city, the sunshine, the beaches, and the luxurious lifestyle make it totally worth it!

Marbella real estate, a hidden paradise to invest

Let’s turn your dream of Marbella living into reality! It’s time to take action if you are into Marbella real estate. Our experienced agents at Gr8 Real Estate are here to listen to your needs and taste.

Within the list of concise property options of Marbella real estate that we offer you, find the perfect match with your vision. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.