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Marbella Holidays: 7 Best Family Things to Do with Kids


Nathalie Sigurdsson

Marbella Holidays: 7 Best Family Things to Do with Kids

Would you like to take your kids on holidays in Marbella city? With so many entertaining things to do, this city is ready to provide you with a fantastic vacation

If you travel with kids, you can find the most incredible places to have fun in Marbella. This city has many entertaining things to do to make your holiday enjoyable for you and the kids. Adults do not have to travel with their kids to be boring; Marbella will show you this. 

A day at the beach is enjoyable for swimming and sandcastle building. There are city trips available as well. A boat can be used for other pleasurable activities at sea. There are numerous parks in the city where you can spend a day. Discover how you can do it during Marbella Holidays by reading this article.

1. Take a gastronomic tour in Marbella – Marbella Holidays

Most people’s first thought when discussing gourmet tours in Marbella Spain holidays is a tapas sampling trip around the city. There are, nevertheless, additional solutions available to you. A lot of them have mouthwatering desserts that kids will like. If your child enjoys food without dietary restrictions, they can easily do this project. 

In addition to tapas, a gastronomic tour offers traditional Marbella cuisine. The fritura malagueña, which consists of various types of fried fish, is one of its signature dishes. This is fried after being floured and served with a cool drink and a fresh lemon slice.  Other popular meals that you will undoubtedly consume on a vacation like this include gazpacho and porra, Malaga.

2. Go on a dolphin watching tour in the bay of Estepona

Most kids can’t wait to visit the zoo and view the animals. Why not take them to view the dolphins in their natural habitat while you’re in Marbella? It just takes 30 minutes to drive from Marbella to Estepona Bay for this dolphin-watching experience. You can take your kids on a boat ride in this town’s bay to witness these stunning cetaceans. 

marbella holidays

 These boats have all the safety features you and your family may want. There are enough lifeguards on duty to ensure that nobody trips or falls, and the pace is suitable. Order for you to relax and have a sun-drenched, comfortable journey. This kind of excursion allows you to have a drink.

3. Touring the Promenade

When visiting vacation Marbella with kids, the Paseo Marítimo is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are more than seven kilometers of pathways along this pedestrian promenade. There are various bars and gift shops close to this promenade. You can enjoy the coast’s beaches as you stroll along the path. 

 You can rent a bike to travel along this promenade. You can have a lovely afternoon while taking in the sea breeze if your kids can ride a bike. You will also have the chance to indulge in a cool treat at one of the shops after the trip. If your kids aren’t comfortable riding a bike, you can bring along a skateboard.

4. Take a tour around Marbella – Marbella Holidays

If you have kids, you should include a tour of the city in your Marbella holidays day trip plan. Here is an example of an activity you may do with your kids in Marbella. Since these visits frequently include walking, I advise taking youngsters ages eight or ten along. 

 You will always travel on these kinds of trips with a knowledgeable local guide in a small group. In this manner, you’ll be able to visit particular locations without getting lost or overexerting the youngsters. They typically also include private transportation from your accommodation to the sightseeing location. In Marbella, a typical tour is generally conducted in the Old.

5. Go to the best beaches in Marbella with kids

Spending a day at the beach is one of the most excellent things to do when visiting Marbella. Bring snacks, sunscreen, and swimwear so your kids can have a great time. While you can see any beach, some are more suited for younger family members. 

 There are some lovely beaches in Puerto Banus with shallow waters so that you can spend a peaceful time there with your kids. The beaches at Duque and Río Verde are a couple of them. There are dining establishments and lodging options close by.

 Additionally, there are beaches like Artola Beach, which has entertaining dunes where kids can play. It is another perfect, rock-free beach.

6. Fishing with the family – Marbella Holidays

You and the kids may have an excellent time sport fishing in Spain. You can work a four-hour shift in Marbella for about 200 euros. Your guide will indicate the meeting location so you can board the boat and begin this journey. That expert will navigate you to a designated area where fishing is permitted. 

 You will have all of your fishing gear with you on this tour. Don’t worry if you or your youngster has never gone fishing before; specialists will always be there to help. Ask them whatever you want to know. Remember that fishing also takes patience, so if you need more time to catch fish, relax. This is the perfect exercise.

7. Visit Aventura Amazonia

Marbella Holidays is home to one of the many branches of the adventure park network Aventura Amazonia, spread throughout Spain. This is the perfect place to spend time having fun on vacation. This park offers multi-adventure circuits and enormous zip lines that are fun for kids and adults alike. 

 You can find activities at the park that are appropriate for all age groups. The easiest ones are the Kids Explorer and the trickiest one, the X-Tream circuits. You will experience a surge of adrenaline in the latter. Choose an alternative activity if you are anxious or afraid of heights or fast-moving objects. But if this park is already making a strong impression on you. 

Considering that many attractions have weight or height requirements, these costs may change based on the size of the participants. You are advised to purchase your ticket in advance if you plan to visit this park. Since this park is also utilized for business or school events, knowing which day will have more room and fewer visitors will be helpful.

Last words

You and your family have different options to visit, and in this article, we have introduced some of the most important ones. If you need a place to stay during the Marbella Holidays, you can refer to GR8. Comprehensive property files in Marbella and throughout Spain can be obtained from the GR8 Real Estate. Contact us now to find out more!