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Sun, Sea and Spanish Dreams: Potential investment in Benalmadena properties


Nathalie Sigurdsson

Sun, Sea and Spanish Dreams: Potential investment in Benalmadena properties

Benalmadena on Spain’s southern coast isn’t just a holiday paradise, it’s a potential property hotspot. This peaceful city offers a chance to own a piece of a paradise, with a wide property market for any investors. Looking for a permanent residence, a vacation destination, or a genius investment? Benalmadena properties can be all you need. Let’s explore deeper into this magnificent location.

Benalmadena properties: Learn more about the Benalmadena location

Benalmadena is a city located in southern Spain, on the heart of Costa del Sol (Sun Coast). The strategic location of this city, in fact, is one of the main reasons that make it one of world-renowned tourist destinations.

Benalmádena has beautiful Mediterranean beaches, a vibrant city center, and a charming old traditional Spanish town with a vibrant city center. If you venture a little out of the city, on one side, Benalmadena has Fuengirola, and on the other Torremolinos. Two historical and modern places where you can’t get enough of them.

Whether you are an international or a local visitor, this city has an answer to all your needs. With the good infrastructure of the Benalmadena, you can have a wide range of transaction options. You can go all the way from Fuengirola to Málaga by train and enjoy its nature on the railway track or reach the Malaga International Airport by just a 20-minute drive.

Benalmádena climate

Benalmádena’s climate provides an opportunity to live in the summer for a whole year! So If you are a sun lover, it would be good news to say Benalmádena has around 300 days of sunshine annually.

Like most of the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena benefits from mild winter and warm summer with sea breeze. In winter, daily temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees but night might be cooler. In summer, although the temperature might be 32 degrees, the gentle sea breeze doesn’t let the residence feel too stifling.

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6 reasons to buy Benalmadena properties

Since 2015, Benalmádena has had a blooming and growing housing market which has proven to be a profitable investment for those who are interested in investing in expat life or having a second house in Spain. In addition to Benalmadena’s growing house market, here are 6 other reasons to buy Benalmadena properties:

benalmadena properties
benalmadena properties

Strategic Location

One of the advantages of Benalmádena, which attracts expats, is its proximity to Malaga and the region’s largest airport. Visitors or residents who want to travel frequently and conveniently back to their home country can use air or train modes of transportation.

Benalmadena properties: Multiple Property Options to Suit Your Needs

Whether you prefer to choose an apartment, sea-view, or even a sea-front villa, in Benalmádena you can find any type of property you wish. You can even choose between a lively coastal region which is always vibrant or a traditional life with a village lifestyle. In Benalmadena, investors also have a wide range of house prices which lets people reach their dreams with any budget.

Delightful climate

A high range of people who tend to invest in a second house prefer to choose a region with a mild and pleasant climate. That’s why Benalmadena would be an excellent choice for those who come from countries with considerably colder winters!

Benalmadena properties: Cultural diversity

Benalmadena has a rich culture with a welcoming community for migrators. If you walk into the street town, there are many nationalities of residence which shows the cultural diversity of this area.

The lifestyle you expect to find in the city will depend on the area you choose to buy Benalmadena properties in Pueblo or Costa.

  • Pueblo is an old part of the town and is popular with expats who prefer peace and want to experience an authentic Spanish life.
  • Costa is suitable for people who enjoy a modern and busy lifestyle in which there is always something to do like restaurants and bars.

Best quality of life

The quality of life you will experience in Benalmadena is exceptional. This city offers excellent quality health services, top-rank international schools, and a safe and secure area. With well-maintained roads and easy access to all transaction modes, moving will never be an obstacle in Benalmadena.

In Benalmadena, you will never get bored. From water sports and hiking to golfing and exploring nature reserves, there’s something for everyone.

Breathtaking views

Benalmadena boasts stunning views. Many properties in this town offer panoramic vistas of the shining Mediterranean Sea which you can lie on your balcony and rest. Benalmadena is also nestled against the backdrop of the Malaga Mountains, which offers a greenish view for properties located in higher areas.

Steps to buy Benalmadena properties

Living in a safe and modern city with high-standard quality, plus a well-built luxury house is all someone can dream about. But how is the process of buying a property in Marbella or Benalmadena? With this guide, you can have a complete look at the process and reach your dreamy house in Spain!

Step 1: define your needs

Before diving in, it’s crucial to clarify what you are looking for in Benalmadena. There are several pre-steps you should consider before beginning to buy Benalmadena properties such as:

  • Property type: Do you dream of a charming villa or a seafront apartment? Or you prefer to live in a spacious townhouse?
  • Lifestyle preference: Consider any amenities you prioritize like proximity to specific areas, restaurants, bars, or water sports.
  • Budget: Determine your comfortable spending range to ensure a smooth buying process.

 Step 2: Find a reliable partner agency

The most important step for buying Benalmadena properties is finding a reliable real estate agency to act as your guide. Here at Gr8 Real Estate, we will be with you from the first step which is connecting to experienced professionals who can find the ideal property options.

Step 3: Explore and compare!

As soon as you collect a selection of properties, schedule visits to explore each one. Then share your feedback with pros and cons to get closer to your dreamy estate.

Step 4: Double checking

Once you find the perfect property and get close to an agreement, don’t forget to verify the property’s title deeds and other crucial documents. At Gr8 real estate, we are by your side during the whole process and ensure you will be comfortable in all steps without any problem.

Final step: Signing agreement and welcome home!

After confirming legal procedures, the signing process can begin. This involves making a contract and paying a deposit. Now you can feel what receiving a dreamy house key seems like!

Eligibility comes with buying Benalmadena properties

Along with all life facilities, Buying a property in Benalmadena can be a great step to getting a Spain visa or citizenship. Spain offers 2 visa programs for owning a property:

Benalmadena properties: Golden visa program

This visa program provides a visa for non-EU citizens who can invest a significant amount in Spain. The current minimum amount for this visa is €500,000 in Benalmadena properties. With the golden visa program, you will have permission to work and live in Spain for 1 year. You can also apply for a 2-year duration when the visa time is over.

Non-Lucrative Visa

If you have sufficient income to support yourself without working in Spain, you can apply for a Non-lucrative Visa. Owning a property in Benalmadena can show your financial stability which is helpful in applying for this visa.

 It’s notable to say that Spanish citizenship takes a longer process but you can expedite it if you meet specific residency requirements like having a property. Overall, to get Spanish citizenship you need to live in this country for a certain number of years (10 years).

What are the property options to buy in Benalmadena?

Benalmadena hosts a diverse property market with various needs and budgets. Here is a breakdown of options to buy Benalmadena properties:

  • Private and detached beachfront apartments: In this kind of state you can have a sea view and direct access to the beach.
  • Private and detached luxury villas: Villas in Benalmadena can include a private pool and garden.
  • Traditional and modern townhouses: for those who like to live in the town center.
  • Off-Plan Properties: buying an off-plan property is a good option for those who are looking to invest with lower budgets.
  • There are also some payment plans to buy Benalmadena properties:
  • Outright purchased: you should pay all the amount up-front.
  • Mortgages: this option is only available for foreign residents and can include some sort of loan to buy a property.
  • Rent with the option to buy: It allows investors to rent a house for a set timeframe.

Cost of living in Benalmadena

Despite the fact that the cost of living in Benalmadena can be a bit higher than in other Spanish cities, it’s often considered lower than in many northern European countries. However, it can vary and depend on lifestyle choices.

Generally, daily expenses such as electricity, water, groceries, and others are almost like other European cities. You can also reduce your daily expenses and buy groceries from local supermarkets and markets. In Benalmadena, you can also find a different range of entertainment activities from free to affordable to ensure a balanced lifestyle.

Note: As Benalmadena is a tourist town, monthly prices especially for housing can fluctuate depending on tourist seasons.

Buy your future and present life with Benalmadena properties

Benalmadena is a city in which all aspects of it work in harmony. by buying Benalmadena properties you can feel the perfection of European quality of life with astonishing natural views. So if you are looking for a dreamy investment that is profitable for now and the future, contact Gr8 Real Estate and find your ideal house in Benalmadena.